Supervisory Skills
Full-day Course
You have just been promoted to a supervisory position. What next? Although you excelled in your previous job, your skills may not be exactly the ones you’ll need to make a good supervisor. This seminar will help ease your move into management and increase your chances of success. This class will provide strategies that you can apply immediately. You’ll learn how to handle difficult personnel problems, confront a crisis with confidence, and keep your staffs motivated, focused, and productive. 
examine supervisory styles, roles, and responsibilities
analyze strategies for delegating for successful results
learn approaches to develop initiative, risk taking, and trust in your staff
discover techniques for problem solving, decision making, and conflict management
develop methods for motivating, rewarding, and recognizing employees
define key principles of setting performance expectations, monitoring performance, and establishing a progressive discipline program
find out the latest changes in employment laws
Target Audience
Those who are new to a supervisory role, oversee the work of one or more employees, or wish to increase their knowledge and skills as first time leaders