What is the Virginia Institute of Government?

The Virginia Institute of Government (VIG) was established in 1994, by the Virginia General Assembly, to provide training, technical assistance, and information resources to its member local governments.  Due to the changing needs of Virginia communities over the last quarter century, the Institute has expanded beyond its original mission.  The goal of VIG is to become the central navigator for local governments to assist in building governance capacity and developing dynamic leaders at all levels.  This will be achieved by curating a portfolio of services, partnerships, and best practices that provide value to our members.

VIG houses the Senior Executive Institute and LEAD programs that provide professional development to local government leaders from communities across the country.  Our staff also provides support to the continuing education programs for the Treasurers Association of Virginia, the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia, and the Virginia Government Finance Officers Association. 

VIG is a unit the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. The director, Charles Hartgrove, is responsible for leading VIG's staff, day-to-day operations, and professional development programs. For more information please contact Charles Hartgrove at charles.hartgrove@virginia.edu or (804)-371-0202.

Local governments that join the VIG make annual contributions based on population. 197 Virginia cities, counties, and towns are active members of the Institute.  Please contact our membership and engagement coordinator, Jennifer Nelson, at jenn@virginia.edu or (804)-371-0202.



Information Resources

Services can be designed on a statewide basis, for several localities in a particular region, for a single locality, or for professional associations.

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Training Services

The Institute can provide you and your staff with practitioner-oriented training, designed for all levels of local government.

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The VA News Letter

We've archived decades of The Virginia News Letter, which focuses on state-related issues.

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We provide onsite and virtual training programs to benefit your organization and community.

The Virginia Institute of Government (VIG) delivers programs to your locality designed to meet the professional development needs of your employees. You can also partner with other localities in your region to develop customized programs and share the costs. Previously VIG has held onsite and online classes on such topics as Customer Service; Performance Management & Goal Setting; Motivating Employees; Critical Conversations; Continuous Improvement; and Coaching & Mentoring.  Please contact our training coordinator, Mike Scheid at ms6df@virginia.edu or (804)371-0202.

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