Difficult Behavior
Half-day Course
In today’s workplace it is common to have several generations—as many as four— working together. It’s no longer unusual for a 30 something to supervise a 50 something. It seems like the work world has turned upside down. Generational differences exist on many levels, from etiquette, language, and dress to values, skills, and work styles. This diversity can be a source of conflict or of cooperation, depending how it’s managed.   
identify key characteristics of the 4 generations at work—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials
distinguish the different sets of expectations they have about their careers and employers
recognize factors that motivate each generation
develop approaches to improve communication among the generations
use techniques to turn generational differences into positives
Target Audience
Employees at any level who interact with a diverse staff that includes multiple workforce generations.