Full-day Course
We all make thousands of decisions daily. While most are simple, and without consequences, everything we say and do represents a choice we have made either consciously or unconsciously. This session is about making better quality decisions—decisions which are well thought- out, as well as lawful, ethical and values-based. In this session, you will examine the emotional, physical and mental factors that impact your decision-making including why rational decision making isn’t really rational, the value of hindsight and why you should listen to your mother. You will practice models of decision-making that guide you through the steps and outline the relevant questions to ask to find your way through difficult issues. You will also use tools to identify short and long-term consequences of your decisions and identify strategies for recovering from wrong decisions.   
increase awareness of the decision making processes used by you and others
improve the quality of information you receive from others
improve the quality of the decisions you make
Target Audience
All Employees