Full-day Course
Most of us approach critical conversations with trepidation and sweaty palms. Understandably, we try to avoid these exchanges, but often to our disadvantage. They involve tough issues, varying opinions, strong emotions, and high stakes. Learning to converse skillfully enables us to talk with honesty and authenticity so that we can be heard—and can hear others. Better relationships, enhanced productivity, new ideas, and high quality decisions are just a few of the results. Whether the conversation is with a colleague, employee, or boss, the necessary framework and skills are the same to reduce misunderstandings and minimize conflict. Armed with your new skills, you will enter into your next critical conversation with confidence and dry palms. 
describe how avoiding a critical conversation may be keeping you from reaching your goals
identify skills necessary to prepare and engage in a difficult conversation with anyone, no matter their position, power or authority
share strong opinions without shutting down a contrary view
conduct (through class practice) a critical conversation you’d like to have back on the job
Target Audience
Employees at all levels