Presentation Skills
Full-day Course
Effective presentations take planning and practice— whether there are 2, 20, or 200 people in your audience. In order to sell your ideas or convey your message, you have to grab your listeners’ attention and hold it. This workshop will prepare you to speak in public with confidence. You’ll learn how to define your audience, determine your key objective, structure the content, create a strong beginning and end, maintain your focus, and use visual aids. You’ll be able to practice a variety of techniques during the session by preparing and delivering a short presentation. Participants should come with an idea and related information to use in developing and delivering a 10-minute presentation.   
identify the basics of Adult Learning Theory
analyze your audience
prepare a presentation outline and design appropriate handouts
recognize the 10 deadly sins when making presentations
look at the why and how of audio visual aids
calm the butterflies and survive stressful situations
Target Audience
Anyone whose job requires making formal presentations