Full-day Course
As managers, we often get comfortable with a style of leadership that is generally effective for us—but is it always right for our employees? Are we too hands on when we should be stepping back? If we are under or over supervising, we might actually be draining the capability and intelligence from a team or individual. One of the most essential skills of an effective manager is to learn to “multiply” team intelligence and capabilities by fostering employee independence. In this workshop, we will look closely at what it takes to tap into our employees’ potential, and what we may unwittingly be doing to block employee growth and accountability. 
determine if you are a “multiplier” or “diminisher” and compare the effects of each approach on your employees
identify four levels of professional development and what employees need from their managers to succeed at each level
study four key leadership styles and practice applying them in diverse workplace scenarios
create a plan you can use back on the job to “multiply” intelligence and enhance performance
review and practice communication skills essential to conducting those difficult performance conversations
Target Audience
Supervisors, team leaders, managers and directors