Emotional Intelligence
Half-day Course
Full-day Course
According to a leading outplacement firm, 75% of people whose careers derailed faltered for reasons related to their emotional competence. In a study of 62 CEO’s in large companies, the longer the company was run by a management team that didn’t get along, the poorer that company’s market return was. Emotional intelligence, the ability to manage and use one’s emotions and relate effectively to others, is a key requirement for success at work and in our personal lives. Fortunately, it can be learned. This workshop helps participants appreciate their emotional intelligence and identify ways they can raise their EQ. 
understand the concept of multiple intelligences.
identify why emotional intelligence is important in today’s workplace.
learn the various components of emotional intelligence.
learn ways to increase your EQ
Target Audience
The workshop can be tailored for any audience.
The one-day workshop uses the EQ Map, an assessment tool. Cost is $30.00 per person, with quantity discounts. The assessment is recommended but not mandatory.