Virginia Institute of Government Staff

Name Email Cooper Center Unit Job Title Phone
Larry D. Terry II Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service Weldon Cooper Center Director
Charles W. Hartgrove Virginia Institute of Government Associate Director 804-371-0202
Jennifer Nelson Virginia Institute of Government Membership and Engagement Coordinator 804-371-0202`
Mike Scheid Virginia Institute of Government Training Coordinator 804-371-0202
Tony Gardner LEAD & SEI LEAD & SEI Director 517-614-2225
Zinerva White LEAD & SEI Faculty
Molly Harlow LEAD & SEI SEI Program Coordinator (434) 987-0331
Irma S. White LEAD & SEI Faculty
Craig Gerhart LEAD & SEI Faculty
Tyler St. Clair LEAD & SEI Faculty
Felicia Logan LEAD & SEI Facilitation and Leadership Development
Michael Sable LEAD & SEI Adjunct Faculty
Shirley Hamblet LEAD & SEI LEAD Meeting Planner 434-243-5031
Albert Spengler Constitutional Officer Education Program Director of Certification Programs 434-982-5518
Beth Bennett Constitutional Officer Education Program Certification Coordinator 434-982-2144