Team Building
Full-day Course
Do you ever find yourself pulling more than your fair share in a “team” project? Spending valuable time in inefficient meetings? Hitting roadblocks when conflict arises in the group? Teams can be a source of anxiety, yet they can be effective for handling a variety of projects. This course focuses on building productive teams. You will explore the stages of group development, strategies for holding effective meetings, and the value of delegating roles to team members. Case studies will give you a chance to practice interpersonal skills required for effective teamwork, e.g., communication, flexibility, and trust.   
lead or participate in teams more effectively
describe the interpersonal skills required for successful teamwork
identify the different stages of group development
clarify when and how to intervene when problems arise
determine strategies for creating strong teams
Target Audience
Front line, supervisory, management—anyone who wants groups to be more productive. Not exclusive to team leaders.