Grant Writing
Full-day Course
As public resources decline, government and nonprofit managers should know how to secure grant funding to augment budgets. A successful proposal must be well written, conform to the grantor’s guidelines, and make a compelling case regarding your organization’s needs and ability to deliver and evaluate thoroughly programs. This one-day workshop will provide a detailed introduction to the grant writing process, covering the eight parts of a model grant proposal: 1) history of your organization, 2) problem/need statement, 3) objectives, 4) process, 5) evaluation plan, 6) future funding plans, 7) budget, and 8) project timeline.   
locate funding sources for your project
evaluate grant application guidelines
determine grantor’s chief interest area (i.e., cost, creativity, accountability) and build a strategy around that idea
craft your proposal so that it has the greatest chance of receiving funding
analyze a sample grant proposal
think as an entrepreneur
Target Audience
Anyone responsible for locating and acquiring grant funds.