Employment Law
Full-day Course
Is your head spinning from trying to decipher the specifics of public employment law? It’s no wonder. Regulations are complex and constantly changing. Poor personnel decisions can be expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is imperative that managers and supervisory personnel follow the rulebook when hiring, evaluating, and disciplining employees. This seminar will focus on the ABCs of basic employment law. You will learn how to avoid liability for you and your organization. You will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues facing the same issues. Case studies of real work situations will give you practical techniques and procedures to use back at the office.  
hire the right person the right way
handle employee complaints
correct deficient performance
investigate conduct issues
adapt a model for addressing problem situations
use the Employee Assistance Program as a management tool
Target Audience
Supervisors, team leaders, human resources staff, and those responsible for ensuring compliance within the organization.