Full-day Course
Do you have great ideas at work but struggle to get the right people to listen? Do you have colleagues whose support you need but who do not seem to want to aid your efforts? At one time, individual skills and abilities were the paths to success. Today’s workplace requires you to collaborate, build coalitions, and navigate through the diverse perspectives of others. The ability to collaborate is now a key to effectiveness. This workshop will help you assess your collaboration strengths and your areas of development. Join us and learn how to be a great collaborator!   
learn several key skills of Principled Negotiation as they apply to collaboration among teams, across agencies, and with customers themselves
identify communication differences that can impede cooperation among colleagues and agencies
learn how to move superficial collaboration to a deeper level, especially when conflict or lack of common vision are the barriers
analyze how collaboration as well as lack of collaboration can affect customer service
Target Audience
Supervisors, team leaders, managers and directors