Behavioral Interviewing
Full-day Course
Have trouble finding the right person for the job? Depend too much on intuition to assess candidates? Using behavioral-based interviewing may be the solution. Behavioral-based interviewing was developed on the premise that past behavior and performance predicts future behavior and performance. By asking specifically designed questions, you can discover a candidate's real skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This workshop will help anyone involved in making hiring decisions to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a position; develop a structured interview plan; and develop a set of behavioral based questions based on specific guidelines.
define behavioral interviewing
master a three–step process for preparing and conducting a successful behavioral interview session
look at knowledge, skills, and abilities and examine how they relate to behavioral interviewing
write behavioral interview questions for a potential interview
recognize “things to avoid” when conducting a behavioral interview session
Target Audience
Supervisors, team leaders, managers and directors