AskVIG, through a managed rapid response email system, provides you access to the expertise of local government colleagues in Virginia who have faced similar problems and navigated through similar situations.

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  1. Email your question to AskVIG@virginia.edu.
  2. AskVIG broadcasts your question anonymously to over 200 Virginia local governments.
  3. VIG receives the responses and reviews them.
  4. VIG curates the responses and provides them to you.


Length of time to receive answers

Questions are usually posted on the same day they are received and responses start arriving within minutes. The majority of the responses are usually received within 48 hours.



AskVIG is free and use is unlimited to VIG members. If you would like to become a member, contact us.


What types of requests are appropriate for AskVIG?

We are prepared to handle all reasonable information requests that can be answered with limited effort. Requests should be clearly defined to make it easy for other jurisdictions to see quickly what information is being sought and to decide if they can help.

Can you give me examples of topics that ASKVIG has handled?

VIG has gathered information on a broad range of topics, including CARES Act funding, public hearing rules, managing social networking sites, regional jails, utility system management, personnel evaluations systems, telecommunications tower siting policies, audit service requests-for-proposals (RFPs), citizen surveys, year 2000 data processing compliance, and wastewater treatment plant sludge land application.

Where do most requests come from?

AskVIG fields questions on 250–300 new topics each year, and the library of past inquiry information includes nearly 3,000 topics. Many questions can now be answered from that source. 99% of all inquiries come from Virginia local governments. On occasion, we receive a request for assistance from a state agency or private citizen.

Who provides responses to the questions/requests?

While help may come from any number of sources, most of the input comes from the larger local governments around the state. These localities have the most extensive staff and levels of expertise, and are willing to share that capacity with their fellow government officials. However, depending on the question and topic, Virginia's smaller towns and counties also provide valuable assistance to other municipal governments.

How do I join AskVIG to receive inquiries and other information?

Simply send us your name, the locality you represent, and your email address and we will add it to our broadcast address list. We encourage all local governments to join the broadcast system.

What is piggybacking?

If you would like to see the responses to a particular inquiry, let AskVIG know. You'll get all the information sent to the original inquirer.

Whom do I call if I don't know exactly what I am looking for?

Simply give us a call and let us help define the issue.



If you have questions about the ASKVIG service or would like to learn more about how it works, please contact Jennifer Nelson, jenn@virginia.edu or (804) 371-0202.