The Freedom of Information Act Guide was published by the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia and the Weldon Cooper Center to provide localities straightforward answers about the Act. Purchase the FOIA guide.

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2018 Edition

The Local Government Attorneys of Virginia, Inc (LGA), together with the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, published the 2018 edition of The Local Government Officials’ Guide to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. This current 46-page, soft-cover 6th edition of the guide has been edited and expanded to include answers to over 100 questions.

The author, Roger C. Wiley, graduated from UVA in1967 and from its Law School in 1970. He is a senior member of the Richmond law firm of Hefty, Wiley & Gore, PC, which represents local government bodies throughout the Commonwealth. He has been advising Virginia local governments on legal matters for over 40 years and served as a state Senate appointee on the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council since its inception in 2000 to 2011.


The information in the guide is arranged in six categories:

  • Who is covered by the act?
  • What is considered a public meeting?
  • When are closed meetings permissible?
  • To what public records does the act apply?
  • What happens if someone violates the act?
  • What are other sources of FOIA information?

Q: Are you going to be producing a new edition of the FOIA Guide?

A: At this time, we are NOT going to be producing future editions of this publication.

Q: Can I place an order and be invoiced instead of paying with a p-card?

A: YES. Call the UVA Bookstore (434) 924-1073 and tell the sales associate that you would like to open an external account for invoice billing.

Q: How can I ensure that I am not paying sales tax?

A: You need to put your Tax ID number and the request to exclude tax in the special instructions box on the bookstore’s order form. The bookstore will confirm each order to verify that sales tax is only being applied when appropriate.

Q: How much do the FOIA books cost and where can I buy them?

A: Books can be ordered from the UVA Bookstore for $8 each plus shipping; $7 each for orders of 25 or more.


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