The Compensation Survey System (CSS) is a statewide web-based, local government pay and classification information-sharing system. CSS provides reliable, current pay and classification information for jurisdictions throughout Virginia. The system can be searched by locality, population, general fund operating budget, or FTEs.


the basics

How it Works

Each participating locality posts salary and benefit data for its positions onto the website. This information is available to all subscribing jurisdictions. The data can be sorted by locality, population, general fund operating budget, or FTEs to assure apples-to-apples comparisons. Technology Net, a company based in Salt Lake City, is the system developer/provider.


An online help manual is available on the website to assist you in using the system. Anytime you are logged into the system, simply scroll to the very bottom of any page on the main screen and click the "Documentation" link. In addition, a CD of a recent instructional webinar can be sent to you free of charge. For additional assistance, feel free to call or email Technology Net by clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of any site page. Mike Swallow and Ken Topham are the primary representatives.

Cost to Localities

The annual fee to participate in the system is based on population. Maximum annual cost is $500; minimum is $50.

CSS Administration

The Locality's Role
  • Sign up to participate by going to www.comp-survey.com and clicking on the left column link "Request Login". Fill out and submit. You will receive an ID and password within 2 business days. VIG will contact you concerning subscription payment.
  • Enter salary and benefit information on a regular basis.
  • Keep your locality’s information on the site current.
The Institute's Role
  • Serve as project administrator.
  • Arrange training for participating localities as needed.
  • Ensure that localities keep information current on the system.
  • Serve as liaison between Technology Net and local governments.

In order for this project to be successful, VIG and partnering local governments must do their part to keep the system up-to-date and running efficiently. 

Why CSS was implemented

The need for such a system became apparent, when 1) ASKVIG inquiry service began receiving a high number of compensation and benefits questions and 2) two statewide annual surveys (VML and the Virginia Chapter of IPMA) were canceled.

After evaluating systems used throughout the country, VIG selected Technology Net and introduced it to a 30-person focus group in November 2004. VIG also demonstrated the system to representatives of several Virginia jurisdictions that had developed their own web-based personnel information systems. Both groups felt that the Technology Net product would be an excellent tool.

VIG, along with its Virginia IPMA, VML, and VACo partners, support and promote this important local government tool.

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For more information about the compensation survey system or to request access, please contact Jennifer Nelson, jenn@virginia.edu.