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VIG Courses

Team Building

Team Building: Taking Your Team from Good to Great

Full-day Course

Teamwork is front and center in today’s business world. Companies, most notably Google, are famous for their ingenious methods of nurturing teams—teams that consistently break through the barriers to innovation. How can you help your own teams reach new heights? This class will look at the key components of great teams.

You will study practical strategies for improving how your teams function and learn how to create an environment that maximizes your teams’ collective talent and knowledge. 


  • align your expectations with great performance
  • build a deeper level of trust among the team t deepen team members’ commitment and sense of accountability
  • maximize meaningful participation from everyone on the team
Target Audience: Supervisors, team leaders, managers, human resources staff

Time Management

Setting Priorities

Half-day Course, Full-day Course

Keeping focused when twenty things need to be done at once is a tremendous challenge. In this workshop, participants will explore tools they can use to manage the large number of tasks that must be accomplished each day. Perhaps more importantly, participants will also lean ways to keep urgent tasks from overshadowing the most important ones. 

  • rebalance their time to focus on what’s most important
  • manage the large volumes of tasks they must complete
  • maintain their sanity even when in crisis mode
Target Audience: All Employees

The Times of Your Life

Half-day Course, Full-day Course

“Time is on your side,” goes the saying. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were so? Actually, you can learn how to manage time so that instead of chasing the clock, you are keeping pace with it...or, even better...running ahead. This workshop will provide you with techniques for setting goals and priorities so that you can take control of those daily, unexpected events that steal your time. 

  • analyze how you currently spend your time
  • determine how you want to spend your time
  • set priorities
  • manage multiple projects and meet deadlines
Target Audience: All levels of employees