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The Virginia Institute of Government, in everything that it undertakes, pledges to help Virginia's local government officials realize the highest level of ethical, effective stewardship for their communities. The Institute believes that such stewardship will encourage a spirit of community-building between government and its owners, the citizens of the Commonwealth; offer the most effective and prudent service delivery to those citizens; expand the view of what is possible in our society. In this way, the Commonwealth and its governments can ensure a future in which our citizens and democratic institutions will thrive.The Virginia Institute of Government serves the citizens of Virginia by promoting informed, responsible, and well-managed government in the Commonwealth and by preparing current and future public leaders for the challenges of governance. In all its dealings, the Institute strives to advance the ideals inherent in democracy by:

  • fostering open deliberations and collaboration among all stakeholders;
  • advocating flexibility, innovation, and vision-driven change in our governmental organizations;
  • enhancing partnerships among government's diverse community of interests; and
  • ensuring that knowledge and rational discourse are vital parts of public decision-making.