What is the Virginia Institute of Government?

The Virginia Institute of Government, established in 1994 by the Virginia General Assembly, provides training, technical assistance, and information resources to its member local governments. Although the Institute operates with a small permanent staff, its capabilities are enhanced by its affiliation with the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. The Center’s director serves as the Institute’s director, and the Institute draws regularly on the Center’s intellectual and technological expertise to develop and deliver services. Local governments that join the Institute make annual contributions based on population. The Institute began with 60 members and now has a membership roster of over 185 localities.



Information Resources

Services can be designed on a statewide basis, for several localities in a particular region, for a single locality, or for professional associations.

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Training Services

The Institute can provide you and your staff with practitioner-oriented training, designed for all levels of local government.

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The Virginia News Letter

We've archived decades of The Virginia News Letter, which focuses on state-related issues.

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This is a collection of many of the Virginia Newsletters related to Local Government. A collection like this covers decades of writing about local government in numerous localities around Virginia. We're glad to offer this unique collection to any and all who have interest in Virginia's vibrant political history.

Last November, just after the election of Donald Trump, investigative journalists unearthed three astonishing facts about the spread of fake news — facts that the rest of us had not seen coming and had no reason to suspect.

This Scholarship provides support to an exceptional individual for a period of one year for the purpose of undertaking research either a) as a rising senior or graduate student at the University of Virginia, University of Virginia's Wise campus or any of UVA's regional centers or b) as a Fellow of the Cooper Center.

Felons and the Right to Vote in Virginia: a Historical Overview by Helen A. Gibson, Jan 2015

Could your staff benefit from our onsite courses?

The Institute delivers programs to your locality designed to meet the professional development needs of your employees. You can also partner with other localities in your region to develop customized programs and share the costs. Recently, for example, the Institute has held onsite classes on such topics as Performance Management & Goal Setting; Motivating Employees; Critical Conversations; Continuous Improvement; and Coaching & Mentoring.




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